I would like to thank everybody who has ever shared my work and helped it reach audiences far greater than I could do alone. 

Since posting my work over on my Instagram account, my following grew almost instantly. Featured by Adobe, Canon, CNN, Saatchi Gallery, The Smithsonian, Buzzfeed, The Atlantic's CityLab, Business Insider, Colossal, Art People Gallery, Creative Boom, High Snobiety, Televisa, Fotolia, Fubiz, Kotaku and Konbini.

Special thanks to Brian Ashcroft from Kotaku for being the first to share my work, with his article 'Tokyo Looks Best At Night'.


"Look carefully because this surreal illustration is actually a photograph"

By day, Liam Wong is an art director for a video game company. By night, he photographs the color and chaos of the largest city in the world.

"incredibly mesmerizing photos of Tokyo taken by an award-winning video game designer"

"Amazing photos from Canon photographer Liam Wong, as he explores a different side of the city everyone thinks they know."
“I love how moody and colorful these images are. Each has a graphic and cinematic quality that makes this collection very dreamy. Knowing that the creator of these images, Liam Wong, is a graphic designer for Ubisoft, a video game creator/publishing company, makes all sense in the world.”
Liam Wong injecte une saveur cyberpunk unique et colore les recoins sombres et les ruelles qui parcourent Tokyo (Read More)
Art Director Liam Wong spends his days directing the visual identity of video games at Ubisoft, while his nights are spent exploring the neon-splashed streets of his city of Tokyo, and sometimes London. Wong places these images, that seem to mimic the appearance of a video game themselves, on Instagram.
Heightened pinks, blues, yellows and greens jump forth from the murky depths of night life mystery creating a truly immersive photographic experience.


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